my Goddess

in the cold night i find my way around the darkness.
no way to see, no safty for my feet.
i walk blind in the shadowy woods.

i come to see a glimmer a smile.
in the moon the beauty that fell upon her face was beyond beauty.
he face as it smiles looked as if the smile was formed perfect.
the smooth of her face looked as if crafted by the hand of God it self.

he eyes glowed with a vibrent black ones that stare into the soul and my heart.
her hair long and flowing like the finest silk threads were woven to make her hair worth the glory of all things beautifull.

as i come to her she stands.
coming only to my chest she wraps her arms around my body pulling me close.
she tip toes to kiss my lips and with all the extacy of the night and the moon.
the moment lasted forever yet when it did end i couldnt never let go.

so as i say to you my Goddess please never leave me for this night is ours be with me in immortal life. i live only for thee pour out your love and paint the years we will live to the end of time.

immortal memory

in memory of love that never dies.

listen as you lay in my arms.
hear the slowing heart beat of my lonely heart.
count the beats count the days count the year.

hold your breath for if you smile it will be stolen away by a kiss from me.
in temptation you cant hold your soul from leaving your body as your lips kiss mine.
knees weak and head spinning you loose yourself in the Ecstasy of my arms.

you bring me to life as i hold you up in my arms.
my life coming back to me for i was dead for so long.
my soul now has found its way back from the abyss

your presence have not ever left my arms at night i dream of you on my chest sleeping.
your hold that haunts me is still on me and forever it will stay.
your life captivates me your love chased all my sanity from my mind

you whisper words in the air slowly that i hear, it sets my body to flames.
it makes me want you more then anything in the world.
your heart pounding in my chest takes me away.

in time my memory may fade with the world, but my love i feel will never leave my mind.
never will i loose the heart i kept for, in the case i keep it my treasure.
never will i forget or leave behind my love from you, nothing can take that away from me.